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Ray Arias
Arias Information Solutions,

Roberto’s hands-on involvement has been invaluable in turning around my business basics such a cashflow and forecasting.  This has been essential to making good business decisions.  The experience he brings to the table has been a benefit for me and can make a difference for large and small businesses alike.

Rick Rivera
RGE Engineering

I was introduced to Mr. Escalante and Pueblo Consulting at the early stages of starting RGE.  Being an engineer, I was not prepared for managing the financials of a firm with excellent potential for growth.  Roberto assisted with bridging the knowledge gaps in key areas of finances including accessing a revolving line-of-credit, rolling cash flow analysis, debt coverage ratios and integrating financial planning to minimize tax exposures at year end.  In the 8 or 9 years I have worked with Pueblo, RGE has held consist profitability and is positioned for growth in a very competitive infrastructure services market.  I would highly recommend Roberto and Pueblo Consulting to firms looking to stabilize financial management and increase profitability.

Jose Melendez
Melendez Insurance Group

Roberto had engaged me on my 5 Year Strategic Plan which encompassed many different aspects of my company including strategy & financials. This partnership has helped me shape and connect the big picture vision to the day to day disciplines of the operation. He has been a huge help at a critical moment in my transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge that helps me cover any blind spots I may have not been aware of.

David Segura

We selected Pueblo Consulting to play a key role in our biggest transaction in our company history which led to a merger with a major corporation.  This was due to the level of expertise and experience of Roberto in being able to structure our financials in a way in which it could be easily seen the value of our business.  It required short turnaround times as our merger had continued requests as we proceeded in the process. Roberto met each challenge while providing further insight on our numbers that helped us complete the transaction.  We highly recommend Pueblo for major financial scenarios for entrepreneurs and leaders of small to mid-size businesses.

Chris Macauley
Elite Landscape Management

The process of building the business plan really helped me to prepare myself to leave the company I worked for and shift my thinking toward working hard to succeed for myself.  It really confirmed the fact that I knew my industry and had the ability to successfully launch my business.  It empowered me and gave me the assurance (knowing that I had a plan) I needed to start up.  Even though I knew my stuff and successfully built my previous employer’s business for him, I still always wondered if I could do it for myself and it was scary.  I had a tremendous amount to lose but the business planning process helped me work through all of that.

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